De ressaca

Assaborint encara la victòria de dissabte passat al Bernabéu, vull recuperar un paràgraf acollonant que vaig llegir al Guardian només acabar el partit. El diari havia fet un seguiment del partit minut a minut i aquest era el paràgraf final de la retransmissió:
Full time: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona It wasn't humiliation, but it wasn't far off. Without ever hitting top gear, Barcelona ended Real's 100 per cent home record with effortless disdain. They scored two fine goals, both created by the exceptional Xavi, and Real were numbed into subservience long before the end. Barca are bouncing around in a celebratory huddle. We are watching one of the all-time great club sides, maybe even the greatest, and surely they will be back at this stadium to retain the European Cup on 22 May. They play football like it has never been played before, in a way that makes Holland's 1974 look like dunderheaded chavs by comparison, and the scariest thing about tonight is that they didn't even need to hit those heights to dismantle a multi-million-pound opponent.
I per cert, la nota irònica del partit: tots estavem tant tensos que no ens vam adonar de l'aparició d'un espontani. Vegeu el vídeo:

Gràcies al Bar Deportes.